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Xmas eve Scene

This scene is 18+

When Hunter slows his speed for some pedestrians crossing the road, he shifts his eyes to me. They expose he's fighting the same struggle, walking down the same beaten path. 


His grip on the steering wheel tightens when I unlatch my seat belt and reposition myself so I'm kneeling on the seat instead of sitting, then he holds it even firmer when I say, “I can't wait any longer.” As my hand slithers down to the crotch of his trousers, I nibble on his hairy jaw. Desire twists in my stomach when I discover he's already hard, heavy, and thick. “I want you now.”


The excitement heating my skin intensifies when he pulls down a deserted side alley, yanks his seat back, then pulls me into his lap. My dress bunches around my waist when my knees wrap around his bulky hips, then he steals the moan escaping my mouth when he seals his lips over mine. I groan when his delicious taste and smell engulf my senses. Then I moan some more when he rubs his cock against my aching pussy in a rhythm to match the pace of his tongue in my mouth. 


An exciting mix of speed and skill builds the tension in my womb rapidly. As one of his hands fists my hair, holding it to his mouth, the other gropes my breast. He pinches my nipple into a tight, hardened bud before doing the same to my left side. 


While keeping my mouth arrested with his, I fumble with the buttons on his shirt. I'm dying to feel his firm, tattooed skin under my hands again.


Just as the last button on his shirt is undone, Hunter yanks down the front of my dress, fully exposing my breasts. He groans a rough grunt when he realizes I'm not wearing a bra. After tearing his mouth away from mine, his eyes lower to my chest. I feel the twitches of his cock when he drinks in my small yet still adequate breasts.


The dampness of my silk panties increases when he mutters, “Fuck, you're beautiful. I don't know what I ever did to be able to touch you, but I am sure damn fucking grateful I did it.”


“You're not too bad yourself,” I say as we engage in another long, lingering stare. 


He flashes me a flirty grin when I drag my damp panties down the length of his thickened shaft. I go extra slow to ensure he feels the effect he has on me.


“If we weren't trapped in the confines of my car, I'd be laying you out and devouring that sweet pussy of yours until you begged me to stop.”


I thrust against him harder. “You make me want to whip out my notepad and take notes. My readers will love this scene.”


He laughs, not at all shocked by my comment. Lucky because I wasn't joking. Many of the bedroom scenes I've written in the past few weeks are based on my interactions with Hunter.


“Then we better make sure it's a good one.” After slipping my panties to the side, he strokes the folds of my drenched pussy. “As I know how much those romance readers love a good mommy-porn book.” 


Once the dampness he gathered from between my legs has been gobbled up by his mouth, Hunter adjusts the rearview mirror so it is elongated and faces us, then he weaves his hand through my hair and tugs my head back. 


The unsteady rhythm of my heart breaks into a new beat when the reason behind the adjustment of the rearview mirror comes to light. Even with my head thrust back, I can see Hunter's face as clearly as he can see mine.


“I know how much you love throwing your head back and howling while riding my cock. This way, I still get to see your beautiful face.”


My nostrils flare in an attempt to cool my skyrocketing body temperature when he removes a condom from his jeans pocket before he guides the rigid material over his glorious backside. 


“Can I?” He stares up at me with the condom wrapper between his teeth and a curious stare. “I've just never done it before. It would be good for research.”


“Research?” he double-checks, his voice as raw as my throat feels.


I lift my chin. “For the book I'm writing.” I snatch the condom out from between his teeth, grinning when it rips open before adding, “Although they may be a little lax on protection from time to time, Archer would never be so foolish.”


An unknown glint darts through Hunter's eyes, but I don't have the time to ask what it is. His eyes drop to the panties doing a poor job of hiding my throbbing pussy from his hooded gaze a mere second before I pinch the tip of the condom and roll it down his veiny shaft.


“Make sure it goes all the way down,” he murmurs when I stop rolling the latex half an inch from his balls tucked up underneath him. 


I can barely breathe through the brutal grunt that rumbles in my chest when he raises his ass out of his seat, exposing another two inches of his cock. I've ogled him naked more times the past couple of weeks than I did when he was unaware I was watching, and it still isn't enough. I'll never grow tired of watching the veins in his cock throb harder the longer I stare or how the tip becomes wetter with only the slightest brush of my thumb. I could stare at him for twenty-four hours a day and not grow tired.


“What did I tell you, Paige?” Hunter mutters as the smell of my arousal filters in the air. “I said you'd love my cock once I was done with you, and you do.”


“I do,” I concur. “Very much so.” Before I can utter another declaration far too early to express, I lock my eyes with Hunter's, then murmur, “But once again, you're leaving me hanging.”


He mutters something under his breath, but I don't quite hear what he says. My ears are too battered by the throaty groan whimpering from my lips when he snaps my panties off after only the quickest glance of our surroundings. 


He wasn't lying when he said he didn't want anyone to see me. He wants our escapades solely between us, and I can't fault him for that. I've only just stopped clamming up, so I'll never do anything to have my adventurous side backtracking for even a second. Heck, Pepper will burn me on a stake if I slow down the climax train now. She said it would be a long, satisfying track since it was decommissioned for so long. 

I'm beginning to believe her. 


When he mistakes my shock about my unexpected happiness as worry, Hunter assures, “You don't need to worry about anyone seeing you. In two clicks, I had surveillance shut down three blocks over before I pulled down the alleyway.”


“Three blocks over?” I spit out, shocked. When Hunter jerks up his chin, I giggle. “Your cock is impressive, but three blocks is a little overkill, don't you think?” I peer around the car's cab, certain the confident, carefree voice I just used doesn't belong to me. I've never sounded so liberated from responsibilities.


Hunter's beard can't hide his smile when he mutters, “If I had done it just to conceal my dick, perhaps… but not for your screams.” After opening me up for him by spreading my thighs as far as they can go, he braces the head of his fat cock against the entrance of my pussy before disclosing, “They could be heard three towns over, but since I'm planning to suffocate them with my tongue, I figured it was best not to break every one of Isaac's protocols.”


He displays precisely what he means when he jerks his hips upward, impaling me with one breathless thrust. My moan only rolls halfway up my throat before Hunter's tongue licks it up. He scoops it into his mouth with a long, greedy lick before he swallows down the rest as effectively as my pussy chokes his cock.


His kisses are always overwhelming, growing better and better the more we do, but this is different. It is almost too much. He's assaulting my pussy and mouth with the same level of savagery, and it has me on the brink of climax in a short time. 


When the sensation becomes too much, I pull back so I can secure a full breath.

It is a tragic waste of time when Hunter drops his devotion to my breasts. The instant his beard scratches over my puckered nipple, I moan like I'm possessed.


“Keep them down,” Hunter pleads a mere second before the flicks of his hips have me on the verge of screaming. 


While biting my lip hard enough to mark, I shake my head, silently advising him that his request isn't possible. I can't have the best sex of my life and be quiet. That is absurd even to consider. 


With a smirk that has me wondering if I said my thoughts out loud, Hunter curses under his breath. I join him when he stills the thrusts of his hips. The tingles low in my womb are still paramount, and my body is coated with a misting of sweat, but I need more than the scratchiness of his beard as he leans across my body to fiddle with the console in the dashboard to freefall into ecstasy.


I need every inch of him.


Mercifully, whatever Hunter is doing only takes him a minute. After a handful of keystrokes and the silencing of his cell phone, the rocks of his hips return more potent than ever—as does the gleam in his eyes.


“What did you do?” I query, sure there's more to the glint in his eyes than an impending orgasm. Mischievous Hunter has arrived a day early, and I'd be a liar if I said I was upset by the prospect.


“Nothing.” He is a terrible liar. His chest shutters as he strives to hold in his chuckles exposes this, much less the drop of my jaw when an ear-piercing siren almost bursts my eardrums. 


“You activated the tornado warning system?” When he nods, unaware I wasn’t asking a question, I shout, “It's December! No one is going to believe there is a tornado in December. They're going to come out to investigate, and when they do…” I gulp. My breasts aren't extraordinary, but I still don't want them eyed by random strangers.


I'm lost for words, but Hunter picks up the slack for once. “They'll see a car parked down an alleyway but not a hear a single peep of what's going on inside.” His lips tug at one side when I arch a brow in confusion. It is settled when he mutters, “Patricia, activate central command security for my vehicle.”


“Yes, Mr. Kane,” she answers half a second before the windows of Hunter's ride blackout completely. The tint is so dark, the only visible objects are my white breasts and cheeks.


“None one can see us.”


“No, they can't,” Hunter agrees as he takes my budded nipple back into his mouth. “And thanks to the siren, no one can hear us either.” 


I won't lie. The thrill racing through my veins gives credit to Hunter's claims that my watch gave him a slight fascination with Martymachlia. The risk that we could be caught is already thrilling, much less knowing we're possibly surrounded by people none the wiser about the scandalous activity occurring next to them.


Hunter moans against my aching breasts when I squeeze the walls of my pussy around his still hard shaft instead of yanking away from him. “I should have known not all the heat on your cheeks when you were watching me was because of voyeurism. You like the idea of being watched as much as I loved knowing you were watching me.”


Jealousy is the only thing heard in my tone when I reply, “I didn't like watching you with th—”


Hunter squashes his index finger against my kiss-swollen lips. “I wasn't talking about them. I was referencing the times I was alone, doing the most mundane things.”


“Eating peanut butter toast every morning isn't mundane,” I mutter against his finger. “Sometimes it is the littlest detail that makes the biggest impact.”


“Mm-hmm,” he murmurs again before he drops his finger from my lip to my less-than-ample breasts. “Because these exposed your desires long before your mouth.” 


He brushes the back of his hand down each of my nipples before doing the last thing I expect him to do. He covers my chest with my dress, lifts me off his cock, then deposits me onto my seat like the stretchy rubber at the end of the condom isn't digging into his throbbing cock.




Before I can get half his name out, he interrupts, “Your body was designed to be worshiped, Paige. I can't do that in a car parked down a dirty alley.” 


After tucking away his cock, he pushes a handful of buttons on his electronic console before demanding for Patricia to deactivate the security program she had only just implemented. I try to lessen the redness on my cheeks when the tint on the windows clears away enough to spot a handful of residents milling outside of the apartment buildings Hunter's Hellcat is wedged between. 


I shouldn't have bothered to act cordial because more than my cheeks heat up when Hunter finalizes his sentence, “But on the beach responsible for re-sparking some of the life in your eyes, I reckon I could worship you there.” As he guides his car between the residents, grateful the siren was a false alarm but still peeved about the inconvenience, Hunter strays his eyes to mine. “What do you say, Paige? Shall we test out if shrinkage will be an issue before placing it in your next novel?”


Too horny to care about how many sand-loving crevices my body has, I nod. 


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