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Xmas eve Scene

This scene is 18+

After lifting my hunger-filled eyes to Hunter, I whisper, “Hurry up. I want to suck your cock.”


Pre-cum pools on the tip of his fat cock before he says with urgency, “I’ve got to go. Can you do this or not, Hugo?” 


I lower myself onto my knees before wrapping my hand around the base of his throbbing shaft. His musky, manly scent deepens when I hover my lips over his glistening knob. 


“I’ll add it to the long list of favors,” Hunter pushes out, his words so fast they sound like cracks of a whip.


Stealing his caller’s chance to reply, he disconnects his call, throws his phone onto the crumpled bed, then secures my hair into a loose ponytail by using his fist as a band. A feral groan leaves his mouth when I suck down hard. I’m more than eager to see the expression that only crosses his face when he’s coming. 


A pleasurable shudder darts through me when his delicious cock swamps my taste buds. He tastes tangy and salty, and he smells intoxicating. It’s a unique scent of cologne, soap, sweat and… me.


I work him hard and fast, loving the thick veins throbbing under the smoothness of his skin that’s taut, jutted, and hot. When my sucks become more forceful, he rubs his thumbs over the hollows in my cheeks, softening them for the exhaustive activity they’re undertaking. 


I take him deeper and harder, moaning through every drop of pre-cum expelled onto my tongue.


I can’t get enough. I love that I can make him so open and raw. That I can unravel him.

Tasty drops of salty goodness spurt onto my tongue as I pump him faster. My jaw is aching from sucking him so furiously, but my pace doesn’t slow in the slightest. I take him to the very back of my throat before swiveling my tongue around his veiny shaft. 


A rough groan tearing from his throat has Hunter’s grip on my hair tightening. He’s getting close to the end, and the knowledge has my nipples budding with excitement and my pussy slicking with moisture.


“Fuck, Paige.” His hips jerk forward, ramming even more of his cock into my mouth. “You suck dick so good.” After another three rocks of his hips, he murmurs, “In or out, baby? I can’t hold back much longer.” My eyes bulge when I grip his Adonis ass and thrust his hips forward. His cock is jammed down my throat, but the pain is worth the smile that etches onto his ruggedly handsome face when he says, “In it is.”


The muscles in his stomach contract and his head drops back as the first spurts of cum explode onto my tongue. I struggle to swallow the thick stream pumping from his engorged knob, but I continue working my throat until every drop has been consumed.


When I slowly glide his still hard cock out of my mouth, I lift my eyes to Hunter’s face. He grins a deliriously delicious smile before banding his arms around my waist and hoisting me off the ground. “My turn for dessert,” he mutters into my ear while making a beeline for the bed.


I squeal into delight when he tosses me onto the springy mattress. It switches to a moan when his beard is scratching the cleft of my pussy before I’ve even done one whole bounce. 


“Mmm,” he growls against my aching slit when he discovers how aroused I am from sucking his dick. I’m dripping back to front, and despite a tinge of modesty demanding I close my legs to a ladylike width, I sweep them open so they can accommodate the wide span of Hunter’s shoulders. “Do you feel it, Paige?” he asks before spearing his tongue between the wet folds of my pussy and dragging it up to my clit. “The excitement? The rush? The desire?”


Incapable of speaking, I nod before weaving my fingers through his hair that’s damp at the tips. 


Even with his eyes on my breasts instead of my face, Hunter must intuit my reply. “That’s why your story was so good. It has the connection a couple should feel. The bond that can’t be made up on a whim.” He peers at me over the blobs of flesh he admires as if they’re far more luscious than they are before muttering, “The love.”


Before I can identify the glimmer in his eyes or demand him to spell it out for me, he bombards my clit with back-to-back rapid-fire hits. I scream his name as my body shakes through a long, revitalizing orgasm. 


I’ve barely returned from the blessedness when Hunter crawls up my body. His beard is glistening with evidence of my arousal, and the cutest gleam is brightening his dark eyes.


“Nuh-uh,” he murmurs when my spent body naturally rolls to locate a more enjoyable position. “Stay right where you are.” He snags a condom from the box on the bedside table, rips it open with his teeth, then rolls it down his fat cock all the while returning my stare. 


We’ve never done missionary. 


Not once.


“Don’t look so surprised, Paige. I said missionary isn’t boring if you’re doing with the right person.”


After curling my legs around his sweat-slicked waist, he lines his cock up with the entrance of my pussy, then lifts his eyes to mine. When I jerk up my chin, silently granting him permission to enter me, he slowly notches inside me. 


I dig the pads of my feet into his perfect ass when his hips sink low enough, his Apollo belt rubs my overstimulated clit. “That shouldn’t feel so good.”  


Good lord, he brought out his shy smirk.


As he sinks my body into the mattress with perfectly constructed pumps, Hunter lowers his forehead to rest on mine. “Now I can’t miss a single expression that crosses your beautiful face.”


I can smell my arousal on his beard and breath, but since it’s mingled with the musky scent of his overheated skin, it’s almost enticing. 


We breathe as one for the next several minutes while he makes love to me like actions will always speak louder than words. Since I believe that, I bestow the same amount of devotion on him that he’s awarding me. I run my hands down his back before gripping his ass cheeks and giving them a gentle squeeze. He soundlessly laughs like he can’t understand my obsession with his butt, but his cock also throbs, which gives away his true response.


He loves that I am as smitten by his cock and ass as he is my breasts and pussy.


He may even love something more than them.


“Slower,” Hunter barks out when my excitement gets the better of me. “Nice and slow, baby. We’re not fucking. We are making love.” 


I don’t know if he speaks his last four words or if my lusty head made them up, but they are the final push I need for the wave in my womb to spill over.


That, along with the words he speaks next, “You ruined me, Paige. You fucking ruined me for eternity. But despite that, I promise to love you even longer than that.”


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