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Dimitri: The Italian Cartel Book 1 cover

Dark & Dangerous


Famiglia prima di tutto. Family first of all. That’s the motto the Petrettis lived by when New York was governed by the Italian Cartel, and our name was worth something. 

Now, it’s disrespected.
Now, it’s tainted with hate. 

I had plans to alter that, but the game changed when my pregnant wife was kidnapped by a rival. Her body was never found, and I’ve paid to guarantee our daughter’s safety ever since.

During the day, I’m a businessman in a tailored suit. At night, I’m an avenger who’ll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. My father may have forgotten the morals our ancestors ruled with, however, I cannot. My daughter is the princess of the Italian Cartel, and she will be protected accordingly. 

I just need to get a pesky redhead with gleaming green eyes out of my head first. Her entrance into my life could ruin everything, including her very existence.

Dimitri is book one in the highly anticipated Italian Cartel series by bestselling author Shandi Boyes. It’s a new series of s
tandalones with gritty alpha males and the women who bring them to their knees. 

Mafia romance at its best!

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