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Just Playin'

Presley 'Elvis' Carlton was at the top of his game. Number one draft pick, engaged to an up-and-coming model, and voted best player of the decade his first year on the field. 

Things were golden. . . until an accident saw everything important torn from his grasp. 

He's determined to get his life back, though, and with a strict regime, and no time for a life outside of the game, the last thing he wants is the attention of a curvy college student whose only motto in life is to not take it too seriously.

Can an Australian
expat show the struggling sports star there's more to life than the next win? Or has Willow Underwood chewed off a chunk of man-meat too thick for her to swallow?

Just Playin' is a standalone sports romance RomCom that will give you all the feels. It has sexy scenes and several laugh-out-loud moments. This is not tied to any of my other
books, and can be enjoyed by itself. AKA: No cliffhangers!

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