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Enigma: Bonus Scenes

This snippet is many many years after the final Enigma books.

Do not read if you have not read the Enigma Series.

Spoilers are in abundance.

Part One


As the Christmas lights Isaac erected around the arched window of our home reflect in the vanity mirror I prepared my make-up in front of, I fasten the suspender clips on my lace-topped stockings to my crotchless suspenders. Isaac’s request for me to forgo panties for our first ‘date’ is now more a requirement than a choice.

Even with our family growing and the empire he built from blood, sweat, and tears seeing substantial growth in the past decade, one thing has never changed—my love for that enigmatic, mysterious man who still astonishes me to this day.

And perhaps his wish for me to be bare and ready for when he’s ready for me.

Isaac’s dominance hasn’t altered the past ten-plus years. If anything, it has become more willful since Callie, Nolan, Emilia, and Finn plumped out our family from two to six. But since his protectiveness comes with a heap of the dominance I crave, I’ve taken it in stride.

Isaac protects so fiercely because he knows what it is like to suffer, and he never wants me or our children to go through one-tenth of the pain and angst he endured during his formative years. He is a protector through and through, and the way he shields our children has my inner vixen standing to attention even more than his deliriously handsome face when he enters our suite with his suit jacket removed and the top two buttons of his dress shirt undone.

The tempo I can’t control in the lower half of my body whenever he is in my presence beats even faster when I notice the splashes of water dotting the sleeves of his rolled-up shirt. Without fail, he tucks our children into bed every night, but on special occasions like Christmas Eve, he takes part in bath time routines as well.

“Don’t look at me like that, Isabelle,” Isaac mutters under his breath while removing his dress shirt. “We’re already late, and I’ll need a lot longer than a forty-minute limo ride to quench the thirst in your eyes.”

The dire situation in my mouth worsens when he slips off his dress shirt to replace it with a freshly laundered one. His body is to die for, and the amount of running he did while chasing Nolan and Finn around the manicured lawns of our home on their electric scooters has every muscle in his body popping.

They weren’t meant to open their Christmas gifts from Hugo and Ava until tomorrow morning, but with Isaac desperate to remove Callie’s gaga eyes from Joel, he suggested the exchange of gifts occur earlier.

Regretfully for him, Callie loves sports as much as she does Joel, so when she was gifted a signed Ravenshoe Ravens ball and bat, Joel spent the next hour showing her how to hold and swing the bat instead of placing it into the protective glass box Isaac forever puts our family in.

I swear on our children's lives that Isaac almost had a coronary when Joel cozied up to Callie’s behind. Callie is thirteen and more than ready to start dating, but Isaac is nowhere close to letting that happen. He understands it is inevitable, but when he looks at Callie, he remembers that little girl with big, frightened eyes who called him Daddy before anyone else. He doesn’t see the beautiful soon-to-be woman everyone else does. She is his daughter, and no matter how old she gets or whom she dates, he will always be her number one protector.

“Isabelle…” Isaac mutters for the second time, his growl a throaty rumble. “I need hours.”

“What?” I reply with an unconcealed grin when he grabs his crotch to calm down the rock behind the zipper. “I’m allowed to admire my husband. It’s one of the many privileges I get for saddling him down with four children so he can never be free of me.”

“I’d never run from you,” he counterbids without pause for thought. “Because I am yours, Isabelle, and you are mine.”

“Always,” I reply, my voice laced with sentimental sappiness. “You and me. Forever.”

After drifting his unique colored eyes over my face, he drags them down my body in a slow and dedicated sweep. I love how the hunger in his hooded gaze doubles when it sweeps past my midsection. Finn is three, but the admiration and love Isaac’s eyes still possess when he takes in the area where half of our children grew had me backtracking on my decision that our family is complete a couple of months ago. Isaac has plenty of love to give, and since his love for me has not once altered the larger our family becomes, why not give him the one thing only I can?

Isaac and I didn’t go down the usual route for having a family. Callie became a part of our lives very early on in our relationship, but her inclusion made it an easy decision for us to adopt Nolan when the opportunity presented.

When the urge to add to our family started niggling in Isaac and me, we made it a family affair. While discussing the many options we had, Callie and Nolan were very much a part of the process.

They didn’t care how they got a sibling, they just wanted one, so we decided to go down the adoption route again.

I only changed things up after Callie’s kindy orientation.

Seeing Isaac jot down our names on the parental section of her admission form brought home how far he’d gone for a stranger. We had only met on a handful of occasions when he commenced the process of purchasing Callie. He could have cast her aside, and I would have never known who she was, much less that she had been sold, but just like I couldn’t discount my immediate love of Nolan, Isaac couldn’t for Callie either.

He loved her because she was a part of me, and he became smitten with Nolan simply because I loved him.

I desperately craved to give that depth of love back to Isaac, and when I returned the shy wave of Jeremiah as he was led through the crowd of students, I knew the exact way I could achieve that.

Isaac couldn’t love our adopted children any more than if they had his DNA, so you can be assured my decision to contact Dr. Jae about the possibility of commencing IVF wasn’t based on having mini-Isaac’s running around. It was because I wanted Isaac to experience what I experience every day while watching him dote on Callie and Nolan. That I would adore and love someone simply because they are a part of him as I would have Jeremiah if he had been his son.

Little did I know during my appointment with Jae that Isaac had already been to see her. He too was curious about what other options we had to expand our family, but forever pedantic about my safety, he wanted to endure the brunt of any medical procedures needed to reverse the lapse in judgment he had almost seven years earlier.

Isaac had a reversal a couple of weeks after Callie started school, but with the odds stacked against us, we also organized to meet with an IVF specialist the following month.

It was at my first appointment we found out I was pregnant with Emilia. It was a shock, but a million years could pass before I’d ever forget the look on Isaac’s face when Dr. Knott delivered the news. He was shocked, but smugness was by far his most prominent feature.

The admiration in Isaac’s eyes when Emilia screamed her way into the world was the same glint they had when Callie threw herself into his arms after exiting the private jet and when he held Nolan for the first time in the NICU crib at Ravenshoe Private. It didn’t even alter when Dr. Jae talked him through delivering Finn on the side of the freeway because he was so eager to join our family, he couldn’t wait for us to reach the hospital.

It’s been the same for every single memorable moment our family has had, and I see its glow brightening when I tell him about the secret I’ve been hiding from him the past couple of weeks.

Isaac’s unique colored eyes pop up to mine when I mutter, “Is that the tie you’ve chosen for tonight?”

When I stand to my feet, the insatiable urge for sheet-clenching sex projects in his mesmerizing eyes. I’m wearing his favorite color, and although the hem is modest for a mother of four, he drinks it in like he’s picturing how good it would look crumpled on the floor. “Did you have something else in mind?”

“I did…” He patiently waits for me to finish. “But then I remembered that you destroyed it last Christmas Eve.”

His growl has my knees knocking together. Memories are what we live for, but when you have just as much fun recreating them, we do it as often as possible.

The tie he fastened over my eyes the first time we had sex didn’t make it through our extracurricular activities last Christmas. It was old and faded, and unlike my libido, incapable of keeping up with Isaac’s impressive stamina.

It was left shredded and hanging on the limo’s back passenger door handle with the promise that it would be replaced before our next Destiny Records Christmas function. With life hectic, our empires going gangbusters, and our children pinching almost every second we have spare, my promise slipped my mind until now.

It’s stupid for me to be disappointed, but I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t. Unleashing Isaac’s naturally engrained dominance is what I live for, and our attendance at Cormack and Harlow’s Christmas party won’t be the same knowing it is without my favorite blue tie.

Sentimental tears prick in my eyes when Isaac’s pivot to face me has my eyes landing on a familiar tie. It’s the same color and pattern as the tie I was just reminiscing about, but it is a clip-on one instead of the standard tie design.

“They couldn’t salvage enough material to do a full repair, but a clip-on is better than no tie at all.” My breathing shortens when he adds with a smirk, “Especially if it is long enough to keep you detained. If it isn’t, we’ll have to get inventive.” He tugs on the dark blue satin sash curled around my midsection so unapologetically, he undoes the knot holding the silky material to my body. It sends my dress floating to the floor. Its whoosh almost drowns out his hiss when he realizes I’m not just sans underwear. I’m also not wearing a bra.

“No,” I snap out when he brushes the back of his hand down my budded nipple, peaking it more. “We’re already late, so there’s no time for that.” When his arched brow tells me he will make the time, I add, “It also isn’t close to Callie’s bedtime. Do you not remember the last time she walked in on us? She didn’t talk to me for a week.” He’s not bothered by my threat until I mumble, “So I can only imagine it being a month for you this time around.”

Me? Why would she ignore me?”

He growls when I bob down to collect my dress off the floor, but his lack of retort about me getting dressed exposes how desperate he is to learn why Callie wouldn’t speak to him.

Once my dress is in place, and I’ve snatched my clutch off the dresser, I head for the door. “Because Callie is at the age where she no longer sees you as her knight in shining armor. You’re her dad and protector, but you’re also the man she’ll have to fight tooth and nail to keep around the man she will inevitably love more than you.”

A furious Isaac is by far the sexiest Isaac. He looks set for his second coronary of the day, and I’m more than ready for him to take his excess adrenaline out on me.

“She’s never dating,” he mutters under his breath while shadowing my walk down the large hallway that leads to our children's rooms. “I forbid it.”

After gently kissing Finn’s head so I don’t wake him, I tuck Nolan and Emilia into bed, then bypass Callie’s room to tell her to be off all social media devices by ten PM. When she agrees with a disdained groan, I mouth for her not to forget to put the present we wrapped for Isaac earlier today under the tree.

I wait for her to nod again before spinning for the door. “I love you, Callie Cat.”

“I love you too, mom,” she pushes out in that familiar teenager drawl that has me wondering how many years of innocence we have left. She grew up fast because of circumstances beyond her control, but Isaac and I have done everything in our power to ensure her childhood was as close to normal as possible. It means we get a ton of teenage attitude every day, but it’s a small price to pay for a well-adjusted child.

“Not as much as me, but supposedly that may soon be up for discussion,” Isaac tosses out before grinning about the admiration his witty comment forced into Callie’s eyes. She may be thirteen going on twenty-one, but she’s not ashamed to admit the love she has for her father.

It has me hopeful I’m wrong about my earlier rile. Isaac won’t take kindly to anyone stealing his daughters’ affections away from him, but I also believe he understands the love a child has for their parent is entirely different from the love they have for their other half.

That’s why he has been encouraging me to have Tobias’s decades of dedication recognized by the Bureau. He saved more than my life, and it’s about time the people in the trenches get the credit they deserve.

“Can you remind me tonight to ask Agent Macy about the ceremony? I want to make sure it doesn’t clash with Emilia’s recital and Nolan’s soccer match.”

Isaac jerks up his chin before guiding my slip through the door of the stretched town car one of his new security officers is holding open for me. After closing the door without so much of a bang, he farewells Catherine with a wave before he hot foots it to the other side of the car.

He moves with such animalistic grace I can’t help but gawk. His strides are long and powerful yet effortless, and his three-piece suit clings to the muscles only I get to touch.

My pulse quickens when he stops to have a quick word with the driver. His inherent leadership beams out of him in invisible waves, and it takes everything I have not to squirm in my seat when our eyes lock and hold for the quickest second. Whatever the driver is telling him has his hackles raised, but more than that, it doubles his wish to dominate me.

There’s that bossy, enigmatic man I fell in love with over a decade ago.

My breaths come out in short, quick bursts when a snapped command follows Isaac’s slip into the seat next to me. “Remove your clothing. You can keep your shoes on… for now.”

As my eyes stray to the partition he would have made sure was in place before barking out his order, I murmur, “If this is about Callie, I was joking. She—”

“Now, Isabelle!” When my eyes snap back to his, there’s something far more profound to them than just dominance. There’s love, admiration, and understanding, but more than anything, there’s the insane need to fuck. “I need hours, but we only have forty minutes, so I’ll make do with what we have.”

The hunger for friction against my skin sees me unknotting the knot in my dress at a rate almost too fast for my quivering hands to keep up with. I’m not nervous. I am excited by the bossiness suffocating the cab of the limousine. Isaac and I are a powerful couple, but there’s no play for power when it comes to sex and my somewhat insatiable desire to be dominated by him. I hand it all to him on a shiny silver platter.

“See something you like?” I murmur when the front of Isaac’s pants stiffens as his eyes rake my naked body.

“I more than like it, baby,” he replies before partially quoting what I said to him the night of our wedding. “I love her enough to marry her twice.”

After freeing my lower lip from my menacing teeth, he drags me onto his lap, then pulls his thick cock out of his dress pants.

“Is there something you’re forgetting?” I murmur when he commences coating himself with the wetness that’s far too damp for how early into proceedings we are. He’s barely touching me, but just the sight of his impressive cock makes both my mouth and pussy wet. I’m drenched and the nip of pain that bombards my sex when Isaac rams home doubles the dampness.

“I don’t know, Isabelle. Is there something I’m missing?” he asks, his tone a mix of desire and chaos.

He’s torn between fucking me senseless and taking me over his knee, and I have an inkling as to why. “Who told you?”

With a smirk that will highlight my dreams for the rest of my life, he withdraws his cock to the tip before saying on a moan. “No one, Isabelle. I just know.”

“But how? We kept it a secret—”

He steals my words by ramming back inside me. His aggression exposes the reason for his anger. He hates secrets even more than he hates being denied the ability to touch me whenever he wants. Dr. Jae is even stricter with her no touching rules after giving birth.


“Because… it wouldn’t be a… surprise… if I had told you.”

Holy mother of God. It’s impossible to speak with how hard he is fucking me. He drives me to the brink, awakens the inner vixen inside of me screaming to be heard, then he freezes his hips when I’m a mere inch from the finish line.

“You’re not being fair.”

“I know,” he pushes out with a smirk. “That’s what makes it so much fun.” Our combined moans bounce around the cab of the limo when he stuffs his cock back in. He is the thickest he’s ever been, and taking me bare for the first time in years is as exhilarating as it was the first time in the bathtub all those years ago. “But we made a promise of no more secrets.”

“It isn’t a secret. It’s a surprise. That’s different.

I lose all cognitive thoughts when he raises his ass off the seat. He can take me deeper now, and despite the guarantee that I’m going to make a mess on the front of his pants, he continues his relentless poundings. He pumps into me on repeat, the slaps of our bodies so frantic, I’ve never been more grateful for a soundproof partition as I am right now. I’m moaning on repeat, and Isaac's name rips from my throat as often as the frantic lunges of his cock in and out of my drenched pussy.

“Tell me why?” he demands after several mind-blowing thrusts of his hips, his eyes as tormenting as his grinds. They set my soul on fire even more than the mind-blowing orgasm I’m racing toward.

As tingles dance across my midsection, Isaac lowers his hand to the area our bodies are intimately joined. I groan a long and wanton moan when he circles my clit with his thumb. He knows my body so well, within a couple of rotations, I’m on the brink of ecstasy once more, so once again, he withdraws all contact.

“Stop it.”

“I will,” he promises, his breath husky with arousal. “When you tell me why.”

When his lusty eyes share a million secrets, I gift him one. “I did it for us. For our family.”

“And?” he pushes, forever knowing when I’m holding something back.

“And…” I take a moment to relish how good it feels when he rocks his hips at a slow and teasing pace. Usually, I do anything to force him to dominate me, but I cherish the lovemaking just as much as the hard and fast fucks. It’s moments like this that truly remind me that Isaac is my equal. He is my other half. “And I did it for me.” As my wet eyes bounce between his staring up at me in admiration, I mumble, “I said you had taken everything away from me. That I had given up my dreams for you.” He wipes at the tear that slips down my face. “I lied because I was scared I’d never be able to give you everything you deserved. But I did it.” I cup his sweaty jaw in my hands, loving how it doubles the respect beaming from his eyes before correcting. “We did it, and I want us to continue doing it,” I murmur over his lips after kissing him as my heart was begging to do. “I can honor Tobias’s name in any position, but I gave it honor when I attached it to yours.”

The Brahn group Isaac started in my name has done wonders for the community over the past nine years. We have housed thousands, clothed and fed millions, and funded disadvantaged children's schooling across the globe.

We’ve made a massive impact on society, but it isn’t close to the impact Isaac has made on my life. He made me a better person, and it’s time for him to take full advantage of that.

That’s why I left my position at Ravenshoe PD. My company needs me. My family needs me, but more than that, my husband needs me. He’s worked relentlessly to ensure the dreams I falsely accused him of stealing were always within my reach. Now it’s time for me to do the same for him.

When I say that to Isaac, his cock throbs before he says on a moan, “Which is bound to happen now since I’ll have plenty of time to once again stretch your stomach with my offspring.”

His reply proves my intuition was right when it suggested I steer our conversation toward my resignation instead of the present Callie is currently placing under the tree for him. His wish to extend our family is about to come true, but instead of one extra offspring to ring in his thirty-seventh birthday, I’m going to give him two.

Part Two


“How did you find out Isabelle was leaving the force?” Harlow cozies up to Cormack’s side, her fit tight compliments to her extended belly taking up almost every minute snippet of air between them. “I thought she was planning to keep it a secret until tomorrow.”

“She was,” I say with a grunt before straying my eyes to Isabelle in the middle of the dance floor.

She’s once again dancing with Colby—as she does every Christmas Eve party hosted by Destiny Records.

I’m not worried. Not only is Jamie, Colby’s wife, dancing at Colby’s right, Isabelle’s eyes rarely leave mine. They’ve been splendidly needy for the past couple of weeks, and her craving for sex has almost tripled. Even I’m having a hard time keeping up with her, and I have stamina in abundance.

The last time she was this insatiable, we found out we were expecting Finn. I’ve often said there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than my wife’s face in the midst of ecstasy.

I lied.

Isabelle is even more ravishing when her stomach is swollen with my child, or she’s bouncing one of our children on her hip.

Isabelle thought she didn’t have a maternal bone in her body, but not only did her instant love of Callie and Nolan prove her theory wrong, but the way her eyes spark with love every time I introduce our family to high-up dignities in our realm is even more telling.

She’s a natural mother, and I can’t wait to have her barefoot and pregnant again within the next twelve months. I thought my empire made me whole, but I didn’t know true contentment until Callie threw herself into my arms because she trusted me with her heart as I have Isabelle the past ten years, and with each child we add to our ever-growing family, the serenity I never thought I’d achieve augments.

Before I give Cormack a reason to call me out as a sentimental schmuck, I shift my focus back to Harlow’s question. “My driver asked if I would supply him with a reference. He’s been trying to get into the force for the past couple of years. I said I’d be happy to talk to the superintendent on his behalf. He thanked me before mentioning that it won’t be the same place without Isabelle.” I drift my eyes back to my wife. “That’s when the secrets in her eyes started making sense.”

Isabelle’s beautiful chocolate eyes held a lifetime of secrets when we first met, but since they were all exposed the first couple of months of our relationship, there wasn’t any left for them to hide.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago. She’s been extra demanding of my time, and to my absolute pleasure, the incessant need to babble under her breath has returned stronger than ever.

“What about you? Are you planning to return to work straight away this time around, or are you going to take a week or two off?”

Cormack stares at Harlow with the same desperate expression he used when he tried to talk her out of returning to work after the birth of their first child. He wanted to dote on them, but Harlow’s business ethics are as high as mine. She strapped Bentley to her chest and went to work only days after leaving the hospital, and Cormack was at her side the entire time.

I doubt he got much work done, but with Harlow approving the plans to merge their two businesses into the one premises not long after they got engaged for the second time, he got the best out of both worlds. He was surrounded by the people he loved while working to better himself—as he has since he left his family mansion with only the clothes on his back.

While rubbing her protruding stomach, Harlow murmurs, “With bub holding out until after the Christmas rush, I might take a little more time off this time around.” Cormack looks like he won the jackpot when she adds, “For one, my feet are killing me, and two, I’m slowly learning it’s okay to rely on others. We don’t have to do everything ourselves.” Her comment would be more authentic if she didn’t gag halfway through it.

“Renee knows what she’s doing, Harlow,” Cormack jibes.

I leave them to their bickering when Harlow counterbids, “Says the guy who told her to give her burned cupcakes to the naughty children as if it is coal.”

Cormack throws his head back and laughs before leading her to a group of people who wrongly believe they have more influence over him than Harlow. Cormack invites the board members of Attwood Electric to his functions to maintain amicable relations, but even a novice businessman couldn’t miss the disdain that mars his face when they arrive.

He loathes them almost as much as I do my jealousy. Even with my ring on her finger and her eyes continually straying my way, Isabelle forever attracts the attention of the single men in the room. They stalk her as if she is prey. Their watch is so depraved, more times than not, their gawks prickle her skin with unease instead of unrelenting horniness.

Well, that’s what I tell myself when my ego wants to defend my wife’s honor with my fists.

“Isabelle,” I mutter in her ear after banding my arm around her waist and pulling her back so her back melds to my front. “Will you be ready to leave soon?” When her sweat-slicked skin streams into my nose, I tug her in even closer. Her provocative scent is captivating, and I’m dying to imbed it even deeper into my skin. “It’s late, and our children wake early.”

I don’t mention that I hate how fast and hard I had to take her on the way here. I have to be balls deep inside of her for every conversation we have, or she doesn’t give me an inch of leeway, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be taking the long route home.

My astuteness falters when Isabelle spins around to face me. The power her rich chocolate eyes still have over me is compelling. They prove without a doubt that asking her to marry me was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The millions in my bank accounts mean nothing when I get to take this beautiful woman home every single night. I’d give it all away in an instant if it keeps her looking at me like she is now. She’s horny, playful, and not an ounce of alcohol is lacing her veins. She is drunk on love, and I have every intention of doubling her hazy float by burrowing my head between her legs at the first available opportunity.

“Stop looking at me like that, Isabelle. If you don’t, we won’t make it into the limo before I’m lapping up the arousal dripping from your greedy little pussy with my tongue.”

When she shudders, I lose all train of thought.

Nothing but making my wife scream my name is on my mind.

“Say goodbye, Isabelle.”

I don’t give her the chance to submit to my command. After snatching up her hand, I pluck her off the dancefloor and race for the exit. When I allowed Isabelle to go to Tiburon unaccompanied by me years ago, I made a promise to myself that her every want, need, and desire would be taken care of solely by me from there on out. If I have to leave a party mid-festivities to uphold my pledge, so be it. I’ll do that because there isn’t a single person on the planet who will ever come before my wife. She and our children are my life, and I will stop at nothing to ensure their every whim is answered.

After sending a message to the driver to ask him to bring around the car, I slip my phone into my pocket before guiding Isabelle into the coatroom to collect my jacket. It’s a little chilly out, but my coat isn’t for me. It is to ensure Isabelle’s budded nipples are solely from my touch instead of the brisk winds whipping off the coastline.

“She probably just stepped out for a minute,” Isabelle muses when our entrance into the coatroom is met with an unmanned desk. “Do you have your stub? I’m sure we can find it.” Not waiting for me to answer her, she steps behind the desk and enters the room at the back that’s brimming with an assortment of coats and jackets. “It couldn’t be any worse than digging through Uncle Tobias’s filing system with Grayson and Macy.”

I watch her in fascination when her nose leads the search instead of her eyes. They flare more with every rack they pass until they sniff out the one holding my suit jacket.

“What?” she murmurs with a flirty grin. “You have a unique smell no man will ever replicate. I could recognize it in a sea of millions.”

When her tongue delves out to wet her cupid’s bow lip, a growl rolls up my chest. She’s teasing me, aware I am incapable of holding back my domineering nature in general, much less when we’re the only two people in a room.

Since she is right, I seize her wrist before tugging her toward me. I add to the wetness coating her lips when I slide my tongue across them, demanding for them to open. When they do without pause for thought, I stab my tongue between the meaty chunks of flesh then drag it along the roof of her mouth.

I’ve barely sampled her mouth for thirty seconds when Isabelle’s erotic smell infuses the air surrounding us. “If this door had a lock, I’d be making you pay for that tease,” I murmur when she rubs her heat along my cock that’s pitching a tent in my pants.

Isabelle shivers when I lick the shell of her ear before she murmurs with a moan, “Lucky for me, it does. I may have even latched in on the way in.”

When I tilt back to peer into her alluring chocolate brown eyes, my cock wrangles with the zipper in my pants. She has honest, humble eyes that expose the truth of her comment even with them brimming with lust. “It’s not exactly a mode of transport, but it is risqué, which makes it that tad bit more exciting.”

“The clerk—”

“Won’t be returning anytime within the next hour.” She rakes her nails across my pecs, doubling the tightness in my pants. “There are a lot of benefits to being a multimillionaire.” She could say billionaire, but showing off isn’t her strong point. “Starting with this…”

I curse under my breath when she falls to her knees and commences tugging at my belt with utter desperation. Before I can blink, she removes my cock from my trunks, and her lips narrow toward the glistening tip.

Isabelle loves giving head, but even more than that, she loves driving me to the brink. She also has an unquenchable craving for my cum, and I plan to take advantage of her desires as often as possible once she’s working at my side every day.

“Yes,” I moan on a hiss when she drags her teeth over the crown of my cock before she slides her moistened lips down my twitching shaft. “Suck me dry, baby. Hard and fast like I plan to take you during the limo ride home.”

She greedily works my cock, sucking, licking, and moaning while her hand takes care of the sections missing out of the warmth of her mouth. My thighs tense when her tongue skims across the knob to gather the salty blob pooling there. When her moan is felt all the way down my shaft, my hips naturally rock forward.

We groan in sync when my plunge takes my cock to the very back of her throat. She gags through the sensation before her eyes lift to mine. We’re fully clothed, making out in a closet like a pair of nymphs, but nothing but unrestrained love reflects in her alluring brown eyes when she peers up at me.

She has me by the balls, and I don’t mean in the figurative manner.

“Fuck, Isabelle,” I mutter on a moan when she licks the underside of my cock before she works me to the point of hysteria.

A grunted apology spills from my mouth when I bend my knees so I can stuff even more of my cock between her succulent lips. She gags with every rock of my hips, but not once do her eyes expose her wish for me to stop. She maintains my eye contact while handing me all the control.

My breathing turns labored as she sucks, licks, and devours me. I weave my fingers through her hair, then tug it back, needing to do something before I blow my load down her throat a minute into festivities.

Isabelle moans when my tugs become rueful. She loves feeling the sting of my touch during the process as much as she does the days following it.

When I firm my tugs on her hair, she sucks me down deeper. She drives me to the brink, loving how mindless she makes me while also knowing that I’ve never been this way with anyone but her.

Only she can make me lose control.

Only she has the power to bring me to my knees.

Several long minutes later, my chest feels tight, my balls draw in close to my body, and sweat dots the back of my neck. With my hips still and my eyes locked with my wife’s lusty gaze, I give in to the sensation gripping every inch of me.

Cum spurts from the crown of my cock in roaring squirts, and Isabelle gobbles it down as if it is tastier than the mocktails she downed tonight, her moans deepening the more my spawn coats her tongue.

“Mmmm,” she murmurs in a long, greedy moan before she pulls back to make sure she didn’t miss a drop.

After rubbing a droplet of cum into her swollen lips, I help her to her feet. When her eyes stray to the coat clerk’s desk, I shake my head. “I want to fuck you in a bed.” Goosebumps trek across her nape when I press my lips to her ear and growl. “Because not only will you be unable to walk for days once I’m done with you, but I can also make sure my cum stays inside your tight, wet pussy… where it belongs… for eternity.”

With the many times I’ve pushed my cum back inside her no doubt playing through her head like a movie, I guide Isabelle to the limousine idling on the curb without a single protest leaving her mouth. Then I spend the forty-minute drive home with my head burrowed between her legs. I make her come over and over again until her body is limp with sexual satisfaction but still paying attention to every minute move I make when I carry her into the master suite of our home.

She watches me toss the birth control pills she went behind my back to get into the bin before I gather a spare pillow out of the walk-in closet to stuff under her ass. My swimmers don’t need any help, but having Isabelle’s pussy and ass displayed directly in front of me for almost an hour is the best Christmas present I could ask for.

There’s only one thing I want more, and it’s granted without prejudice when Isabelle blurts out, “I’m pregnant.”

I stop partway to the bed before angling my head and arching my brow. It doubles the speed of the vein in Isabelle’s neck that hasn’t stopped thumping since we exited the coatroom, but not enough for her not to explain herself. She knows she is not a member of my staff.

She is my wife.

My equal.


There is no obstacle we can’t overcome because I simply wouldn’t exist without her. I would be a ghost of a man because she made me whole.

“I wanted to tell you, but with Nick and Jenni making their announcement earlier this month, it wasn’t the right time.” Her smile could bring any man to his knees. “Then, when Callie overhead me talking with Jae about some early tests, she suggested I keep it a secret until Christmas. She said it was like us getting married on your birthday. The perfect gift for a man who has everything.” She slants her head before asking with a pout. “Are you mad?”

“That I don’t get the fuck you senseless tonight?”

Her pout doubles as the inner vixen that forever fires in her eyes stomps her feet.

Her devastation doesn’t linger for long. Hope fires in her eyes when I hook her ankle to drag her down the mattress while muttering, “No, I’m not mad. But that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you. You lied to me, Isabelle, and that type of foolery deserves hours of punishment.” I wait for the quiver shuddering from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes to subside before muttering, “So prepare yourself, baby, because your pussy is mine until I’ve had my fill. Okay?”

With a smile that grips my heart as firmly as her pussy grips my cock when I notch in the swollen head, she nods while muttering. “Okay.”

My cock is an inch inside her; I’m about to drive home, then she stuns me like she did when she toppled at my feet at the airport.

“But you better double the length of your chastisement, baby, because Jae confirmed yesterday that we’re having twins.”


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