Saving Emily

Have you ever wondered what happened to Emily during those months Noah and her were separated? Not the ones where he was on the road becoming a rockstar, the other ones.

Here is your chance to find out.

Saving Emily - A Perception Novella - Preorder now for only 99c!





Things we hear, witness, and imagine affect our lives in ways you’d never think possible. Noah Taylor believes this more than anyone. He walked through the gates of hell, he endured the pain, and now we get the chance to see how he arrived in his dark, solemn place.

Saving Emily follows Noah’s horrifying journey of grief, pain, and discovery from Emily’s point of view. Find out what happened during those gut-wrenching three months while also discovering how love truly does conquer all.

This novella is only to be read after Saving Noah. It has major spoilers and is recommended for mature audiences. Chapters from this book were originally published under Reality of Life. It has been rewritten, re-edited and re-formatted. It is approximately 32,000 words.

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